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Embark on a seamless journey to cloud-based communication with, your trusted Cisco Webex Calling integration partner. Whether you’re a system integrator or a call manager admin, navigating the complexities of managing a Webex Calling-based organization or transitioning to Webex Calling can be challenging. With, you can streamline your journey with ease.

Tuki Migration steps offers a strategic roadmap to guide your migration to Cisco Webex Calling, from initial connection to comprehensive management. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of UCM Calling customers, Webex Calling DI customers, Avaya users, hybrid deployments, and existing Webex Calling users. Join industry leaders like IBM and iHeart Media Company, who have leveraged the transformative power of

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Calling with Tuki 

Whether your PBX is on-premises or already in the cloud, ensures a unified experience transcending physical location. Experience Webex calling, no matter where your PBX resides.

Your Success is Our Success

Readiness Assessment and Migration Support

Get your Tuki assessment report today, currently free of charge.

Our Commitment to Efficiency


Our commitment to efficiency shines through in our streamlined provisioning.

We optimize your UC lifecycle management, conserving your valuable time and resources.

Download our insightful whitepapers and case studies to delve into the benefits of our premier solution for Cisco Webex Calling.

 The Future of UC

Automated Migration and Provisioning

Have a look at our 1-minute video animation and see how we can revolutionize your UC management.

 The Future of UC

Easy-to-Use UC Management

Our intuitive interface demystifies UC management, empowering you to concentrate on your core business.

Embark on your seamless transition to Cisco Webex Calling with now.

 The Future of UC

We Can

Let’s synergize to deliver unparalleled UC solutions to organizations across the globe.

System integrators and call manager admins providing Cisco professional services, we extend an invitation to join our family.

Discover the advantage and elevate your Cisco Webex Calling management.

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