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Move Your UC to the Cloud. 

Just. Like. That.

UC Migration totally pain-free

Migrating your UC to the cloud can be really complicated and time consuming – especially with a UC management solution with its own database that has to periodically sync with the UC system on prem.

Tuki’s UC lifecycle management solution has no database of its own and therefore syncs immediately with the UC. This means that enterprises don’t need to move their entire UC database to the cloud, but can actually leave most of it as is, and move only the necessary portions, enabling organizations to continue working on-prem, while simultaneously proceeding with migrating their UC to the cloud, seamlessly, with zero downtime.

Automate and streamline your UC migration
UC Provisioning

Move to the cloud simply, seamlessly and pain free

UC Provisioning

Real time integration with the UC

UC Provisioning

Cut down the time it takes to migrate from several months to just several days

Self-Service UC

Zero disruption to the business

UC Provisioning

Control your move to the cloud while enjoying benefits from day one

Solution Benefits

  • SaaS services with unique architecture
  • Data ownership
  • No GDPA exposure
  • Easy onboarding and migration even with a huge amount of users
  • Cost effective
  • Zero recovery time
  • Computation in real time
  • Plug and play new features
  • Seamless integration
  • Can work on prem and on the cloud
Manage The UC Lifecycle On Your Own. On The Cloud.

Why so many enterprises are moving their UC to the cloud with Tuki

UC Lifecycle Management Made Simple

Tuki.io | Manage The UC Lifecycle On Your Own. On The Cloud.

or on prem

Manage your UC from anywhere, anytime

End point

Seamless integration with any UC system including Service Now

Multiple site management

Manage your UC from multiple locations

IT Costs

No more dependence on engineers


Multiple team members can manage the UC

Easy to
use & maintain

Anyone can manage the UC, no need for technical engineers

Freemium or

Start free and upgrade as you grow


We’ve got you and your legacy system covered

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Move Your UC to the Cloud.
Just. Like. That.

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