UC Provisioning

Basic UC tasks like adding a new employee’s extension or canceling call forwarding typically require expertise from the IT team which can slow down business communications.

But day-to-day UC operations SHOULDN’T be tying up the engineering team and SHOULDN’T be taking up so much time.

Streamline UC provisioning with automation

Eliminate the need for highly skilled engineers to run day-to-day UC operations.

Leverage templates and workflow automation to simplify the setup and management of day-to-day UC management

Empower help desks to resolve UC tickets on their own, free up UC engineers for more complex assignments

Eliminate human errors and misconfigurations

Streamline and automate enterprise operations (onboarding, deployment and provisioning of users, devices, lines and call routings)

Speed up provisioning

Reduce operational IT costs by more than 80%

Create custom access roles and assign them to specific sites

Onboarding a new employee in seconds

Need to get a new employee set up on your UC?

No worries. With automated UC provisioning, you’re good to go in just a few seconds. See how easy it is to provision new users with a full UC suite including:


Employee offboarding has never been easier.

When an employee leaves the organization, it’s critical to remove all related configurations from the UC systems (softphones, lines, remote destinations, voicemail, etc.) to free up costly resources and prevent the support team from wasting time on clutter related errors..

Automated UC provisioning reduces license costs, and user offboarding is super easy and quick.

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Streamline UC provisioning with automation