Tuki UC Management Platform Architecture

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The UC industry and its needs are rapidly evolving as in today’s global climate, businesses are increasingly empowering employees to work from home or remotely. Influenced by an ever changing infrastructure of companies, UC management technology must be versatile to support customer’s challenges as hybrid environments, without altering data integrity.

Nowadays, data integrity is a huge challenge amongst organizations, which is why businesses must adapt their solution architecture with a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) concept, as well as comply with security and compliance standards. Optimizing UC by implementing automated management tools provides these businesses with demonstrable opportunities to reduce operational expenses and deployment time in order to maximize organization and end-user satisfaction.


Tuki SaaS Architecture & the Single Source Of Truth (SSOT)

Tuki UC management platform is designed to support the Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) concept. The SSOT concept aims to ensure that everyone in an organization makes business decisions based on the same data. The SSOT used by Tuki is the existing PBX database utilized by the organization. The Tuki UC management platform allows users to manage UC lifecycle simply by interfacing with the existing PBX database via native APIs. Once the data collection process is achieved (indexing and mapping), Tuki’s users can process the data and manage their PBX with Tuki’s UC management platform capabilities. The only data caching by the solution is the typical user configuration necessary to provide the best user experience. Our Architecture solution makes Tuki UC management platform solution unique in the UC market.

Tuki’s Architecture BENEFITS

Data Ownership / SSOT

Regardless of whether your data is on-prem or in the cloud, there is no need to duplicate the data from the PBX.

Endpoint agnostic

Seamless integration with any UC system, i.e., Service Now, ITSM/HR systems.


Easy onboarding and migration.

High availability

Real-time, Data accuracy, and Zero Downtime.

Hybrid environment / Single pane of glass

Can work on-prem and on the cloud even simultaneously with multiple vendors.

Tuki UC Management Platform Architecture

Security & Compliance

This document describes in a detailed manner the architecture of the Tuki UC management platform – a Software as a Service solution that allows organizations to manage their Unified Communications Lifecycle. Tuki’s solution allows users to manage their UC lifecycle via native APIs. The architecture is designed to support the Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) concept, which aims to ensure that everyone in an organization makes bases business decisions based on the same data.


Information & Security Management Compliance: Tuki complies with ISO/IEC 27001 requirements.


Role-Based Access Control: Advanced RBAC features to manage admin profiles and delegate operations with zero compromises on security.


Application Security: Based on the Zero Trust security model Tuki have a layer of protection against both generalized and targeted attacks.


Application Protection: Tuki’s solution is protected by best code protection, protecting our customers from attacks and ensuring that only valid requests get through and valid responses are returned.

Tuki UC management platform makes UC lifecycle management security compliance easier to implement and monitor via a single platform that adapts to the existing IT processes, policies, and strategies.
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Tuki UC Management
Platform Architecture

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