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Webex - UC Provisioning

Tuki UC smooth Migration

Tuki is designed as a lightweight system wrapper, using unique patent-pending technology, relying on the Cisco Systems (such as Call Manager, Unity Connection, or Webex Multi-tenant) as the single source of truth.

Tuki’s simplified layout of the UCM elements provides a single pane of glass for effective MACD activities on UCM and Webex Calling environments, including hybrid deployments.

Tuki enabled inter-platform migrations by matching existing configurations to the new environment, mapping features between systems, and even custom rules-based transitions such as number replacement, phone model replacements, and much more.

Key Features

UC Provisioning

Seamless, Streamlined and Scalable UC migration

UC Provisioning

Real-time integration with the UC practices

UC Provisioning

Reduce migration time from several months to just several days.

Self-Service UC

Zero disruption to the business

UC Provisioning

Secured Solution from development to deployment.


  • Easy onboarding and migration even with a huge amount of users
  • Enabling simple API integration for any IT system
  • Data keep within the organization thus no GDPA exposure.
  • Migrate as-is, or update via a predefined rule set.


seamlessly UC cloud transition consists of four steps:



Onboarding to Tuki can be performed online or offline in the existing UC environment



Tuki supports any UCM deployments, on-prem, HCS, UCM cloud and Webex DI



Efficiently map your current deployment readiness to the Webex MT.



Click to start the migration and watch the magic happen.

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Tuki is a Cisco business partner