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Effective communication is paramount for organizations to thrive in an increasingly connected world. For iHeart Media, the number one audio company in the United States, reaching nine out of 10 Americans every month and a total of a quarter of a billion monthly listeners, seamless and reliable communication is at the heart of their operations. As one of the largest media companies in the world, iHeart Media boasts an extensive network of radio stations, digital platforms, and live events that reach millions of listeners across the globe. Their broad reach and diverse portfolio make them a powerhouse in the industry.

Originally founded as Clear Channel Communications, iHeart Media has evolved into a renowned brand in the media landscape. With a rich history and a commitment to connecting with audiences on a deeper level, iHeart Media has established itself as a trusted source of engaging content. Their global presence and influence allow them to shape the media industry and provide captivating experiences for listeners worldwide.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication in their industry, iHeart Media aims to optimize collaboration, streamline operations, and ensure seamless connectivity across their geographically dispersed teams. They understand that clear and efficient communication is essential for coordinating operations, managing diverse teams, and delivering high-quality content to their audiences. By fostering strong relationships with its listeners, advertisers, and business partners, iHeart Media solidifies its position as a leader in the media and entertainment sector.

As iHeart Media embarked on a journey to enhance its unified communication capabilities, it sought a trusted partner who could provide innovative solutions tailored to its unique requirements. That’s when Tuki, a UC lifecycle management solution, stepped in to help iHeart Media revolutionize its communication infrastructure, transforming UC processes and empowering iHeart Media’s global media engagement.


iHeart Media found itself grappling with the limitations of its outdated communication infrastructure, which presented significant hurdles to its global media operations. The company’s reliance on legacy systems and fragmented tools created a web of inefficiencies that hindered effective collaboration and impeded seamless communication across their diverse teams. The lack of integration among these disparate systems made it difficult for employees to access and share information, resulting in time-consuming manual processes and a lack of real-time visibility into critical workflows.

The inefficiencies caused by their outdated systems had a cascading effect on iHeart Media’s overall productivity and growth. Siloed communication channels and disparate applications created barriers between teams, hampering their ability to work cohesively and respond swiftly to evolving market demands. As the company expanded its reach and portfolio, the existing infrastructure struggled to keep pace, revealing its limited scalability. Adding new users, integrating acquired businesses, or expanding into new markets became complex and time-consuming endeavors, stifling their agility and hindering their ability to seize opportunities.

The consequences of these communication challenges were felt throughout iHeart Media’s operations. Miscommunication and delays in decision-making led to missed deadlines and compromised campaign execution, impacting their ability to captivate audiences and drive engagement. The lack of streamlined workflows and seamless information sharing across teams hindered their ability to collaborate effectively, resulting in reduced productivity and strained relationships among departments. Moreover, the inability to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics and leverage real-time insights put iHeart Media at a disadvantage in a highly competitive industry.

These pain points underscore the urgent need for iHeart Media to address its communication shortcomings and embrace a modern and scalable solution. The following sections will delve into iHeart Media’s transformative journey as they partnered with Tuki, a leading communication solutions provider, to overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of their communication capabilities.

The Solution

Tuki, a Cisco business partner, was chosen as iHeart Media’s provider for their expertise in addressing complex communication needs. With their extensive expertise and proven track record of deployment experience spanning the simple to the most complex,Tuki is known for  empowering organizations to overcome their most pressing challenges. Tuki’s reputation as a reliable C development leader made them the natural choice for iHeart Media in its quest for a modern and scalable communication solution.

Tuki embarked on a thorough analysis of iHeart Media’s unique communication requirements, understanding their pain points and growth aspirations. By closely collaborating with key stakeholders, Tuki gained valuable insights into the organization’s workflows, existing infrastructure, and future goals. This comprehensive assessment laid the foundation for designing a tailored communication solution that would address iHeart Media’s specific challenges and maximize its operational efficiency.

The Tuki solution brought forth a range of cutting-edge features and benefits, transforming iHeart Media’s communication landscape:

  • Seamless Integration: Tuki seamlessly integrated with iHeart Media’s existing systems, eliminating silos and enabling smooth data flow and information sharing across teams. By integrating with their CRM, collaboration tools, email systems, and other critical applications, Tuki ensured a unified and streamlined communication experience.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Recognizing iHeart Media’s expansive global reach, Tuki’s solution provided the scalability required to accommodate its growing user base, diverse portfolio, and evolving business needs. The flexibility of the Tuki platform allowed iHeart Media to effortlessly add or remove users, features, and functionalities as their organization evolved.
  • Advanced Security: With security being a top priority, Tuki offered robust security measures to protect iHeart Media’s sensitive information. Through state-of-the-art encryption protocols, secure data storage practices, and stringent access controls, Tuki ensured the confidentiality and integrity of iHeart Media’s communications throughout the process.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Tuki’s solution introduced a suite of collaboration tools that revolutionized the way iHeart Media teams worked together. Features such as video conferencing, screen sharing, document collaboration, and instant messaging fostered real-time interactions, transcending geographical barriers and enhancing productivity.


Implementing Tuki’s unified communication solution brought forth a range of positive outcomes for iHeart Media. The company witnessed significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and cost savings by streamlining its communication infrastructure.

Teams at iHeart Media experienced seamless communication and collaboration, overcoming geographical barriers and leading to faster response times, improved project execution, and overall operational efficiency. The scalability of Tuki’s solution allowed iHeart Media to adapt to changing business demands, ensuring they were well-positioned for future growth.

Moreover, the implementation of Tuki’s solution resulted in cost savings for iHeart Media. By eliminating outdated and inefficient communication systems and consolidating various tools onto a unified platform, the company reduced maintenance costs and improved resource allocation. These cost savings empowered iHeart Media to invest in other strategic initiatives, further driving business growth.

“Tuki’s lifecycle management approach has truly revolutionized our communication landscape. The seamless integration of their UCaaS platform with our existing systems and the scalability to support our geographically dispersed teams have been game-changers. With Tuki, we have reduced latency, and improved collaboration across the organization. Their expertise in implementing secure and reliable uc solution has exceeded our expectations. Tuki has undoubtedly transformed our communication infrastructure and empowered us to stay ahead in the fast-paced media industry.” 


iHeart Media’s partnership with Tuki paves the way for enhanced communication capabilities and continued success. By leveraging Tuki’s innovative solutions and unwavering support, iHeart Media unlocks new opportunities for collaboration and growth. 

Embrace the power of automated UC lifecycle management with Tuki and propel your organization toward a future of efficiency and success. 

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