System Integrators’ offering to migrate UCs from on-prem to cloud is more profitable with TUKI Migrate


Who is the Client?

Large system integrator serving nearly 3 million businesses, connecting 99% of the world’s economy


Migrating global corporations from HCS (Hosted Collaboration Solutions) to UCMC (Unified Communications Manager Cloud)

UC Management Challenges:

High complexity, manual process, unforeseen issues increase risks


Migrate with the best automated migration platform


Quick, accurate, replicable and more profitable migrations

System Integrators’ offering to migrate UCs from on-prem to cloud is more profitable with TUKI Migrate

During the last 20 years, many large enterprises bought and operated their own on-prem CISCO PBXs through numerous changes in business needs, policies, and new technologies. By now, these systems, carefully designed for consistency and ease of maintenance have become a patchwork of changes that need to be streamlined and modernized to create a new baseline, functional and cost-effective for years to come.
To focus on their core business and minimize CapEx, enterprises now turn to UC system integrators to migrate their on-prem UC solutions to the cloud and operate them in a SaaS-oriented OpEx model.
Migrating our UC to the cloud was incredibly quick and accurate. Experts managing our UC in the cloud give us peace of mind and we can focus on what we do best.
Voice Engineer
Global Corporation

Automating complexity with unique features

As a system integrator, you are well aware of the complexity, duration, and scope of such migrations. You are experienced with the manual and therefore error-prone work with countless Excel sheets and know the pain points “personally”, at the technical level. You hope that one day there will be a system that automates this complexity and takes care of the myriad details such migrations require.

But wait, there is such a system and it’s even better than you were hoping for. In addition to physically migrating the data, TUKI Migrate also reshapes and customizes the data as per the scope of the migration, making it suitable for the cloud. Can it get better than that? Yes, it can! TUKI Migrate is the only user- and site-centric platform in the market, enabling you to offer fast and more accurate migrations, compared to both manual and script-based ones. Once set up, the TUKI Migrate processes tens of thousands of records (users, devices and lines) so incredibly fast you’d think it’s magic.

Migrate is a key building block of TUKI’s UC-centered portfolio. TUKI also offers UC provisioning, self-service UC, as well as API integration to streamline day-to-day operations and optimize corporate business processes.

TUKI Migrate’s template-based, Excel-free migrations leverage our accumulated expertise. We can migrate more clients in less time than ever before.
Global Project Manager
Large System Integrator

Quick, pain-free migrations

The TUKI Migrate obviates the use of Excel sheets for data collection, validation, and cleanup. Instead, migrations are based on templates and variables that ensure conventions are used consistently worldwide and business logic is applied to achieve standardization and dial plan customization. The template also defines the action to take for each feature while migrating it: keep as is, change or remove. Site splits and merges, adding new sites and users, as well as dial plan changes, are also possible. The entire migration required no downtime, ensuring user satisfaction and business continuity. The entire process, implementation, and onboarding of 96,000 employee HCS seats in 162 worldwide sites in 21 countries took only 3 weeks.

Customer experience of empowerment and control

In addition to defining the end result they want, customers get access to the migration portal, where they choose the users and devices to be migrated to the cloud and make changes, such as assigning a new domain name. Completing the selections and marking them as such is the customer sign-off for starting the migration process.

Four steps to magic

TUKI migrations consist of four steps:

  1. Onboard the customer with its sites. This quick step does not require data import and is free of sync issues. TUKI simply reads the data from the servers.
  2. Select a migration template (customized default or similar migration)
  3. Select the migration subjects. The customer selects what to migrate (whole sites, devices, users, hunt groups, etc.) and defines customer-specific changes in addition to the template, to apply during migration.
  4. Click to start the migration and watch the magic happen.


Feeling nostalgic for Excel files? TUKI got you covered with an export feature.

Replicating success

Migrating your UC to the cloud can be really complicated and time consuming – especially with a UC management solution with its own database that has to periodically sync with the UC system on prem. But since you’ve migrated many clients, you know they face similar issues. Leveraging your accumulated experience and the power of TUKI Migrate by growing your template bank and applying existing templates and tried-and-true processes to new client migrations increases your profitability with the onboarding of each new client. 

With TUKI Migrate, you can confidently offer fast, accurate, and profitable migration services to new clients.

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