Streamlining Communication – How to use Unified Communication Technology with the Webex Calling App

Streamlining Communication - How to use Unified Communication Technology with the Webex Calling App

Picture the scene. You are trying to arrange a meeting with your team members to get an update on your latest project.

First, it is a nightmare to find a time when everyone is free. Then, when you try to start the call there are technical issues. Once the call begins, you can’t collaborate and share the information and files without using emails, or the company shared drive.

The Cisco Webex Suite is designed to remove these kinds of frustrations. It is an all-in-one solution to help everyone to collaborate and work as a team. 

Let’s examine the Webex Calling App’s unique features and solutions to see if they are the right match for your business.


7 Key Features of The Webex Suite

Cisco Webex Communications allows for smooth integration of schedules, advanced task management, and easy communication. It’s an all-in-one easy-to-use platform that offers quite a few features and benefits. 

Here are 7 key features the Webex Suite can bring your business:

Customized calling 

The Webex Calling App uses HD video and audio to make communication more personal. Employees have the flexibility to take calls on their terms. They can choose which device suits them at any time, without sacrificing quality or features.

Interactive meetings

Meetings have never been easier to plan or attend, with versatile sharing features. Your team can easily plan when to meet and make meetings efficient and interactive.

Rich messaging

A rich messaging platform simplifies file sharing and collaboration. No more frustration when trying to share files.

Easy collaboration

Employees share ideas on a whiteboard, allowing everyone to contribute, inspiring new idea generation and problem-solving.

Live polls

During meetings and events, use polls to allow everyone to have their opinion heard. Make decisions as a team and have everyone on board and motivated.

Any size events

Unified Communications for Enterprise allows you to host events on a platform that is scalable and interactive, no matter how many participants attend. No more worrying about the cost of booking conference rooms, the sky’s the limit.

All-in-one planning

Socio is the Webex tool where you plan events, including ticketing and data collection. Use Socio to slash the time you need to plan events and increase your reach.


5 Advantages of Using Webex in Your Enterprise

Hosting Scalable Events

Cisco Webex Capabilities make it easy for your business to host networking events. These can be small or even very large scale, it all just works!

Scheduling attendees is easy, as is sharing information or files with participants. You can rely on the system to make it easy for hosts and participants to allow ongoing communication once the event is over.


Sharing Desktops, Documents, and Whiteboards

It has never been easier to share whatever you need with exactly the right people. Webex UC allows staff members to share files, documents, message threads, calendars, and more. 

Because it is cloud-based, you don’t need to worry about shared hard drives with complex user access issues that sometimes require IT attention. Unified Communications technology aims to increase productivity without increasing your costs or burdening your IT team.

Instead, your employees can interact with each other in a fast and simple way. Making sharing easier leads to improved communication, new ideas, and great relationships between staff members.

You store all your data on the cloud, meaning that your employees can access it wherever they are, on whichever device they choose to use. Staff can securely review a document on a phone, or collaborate on a project whiteboard, even if they are out of the office.


Cutting-Edge Security

More people than ever are now making use of flexible work, either from home or from flexible hot desk spaces within the office. People are no longer tied to their desks, and thanks to Cisco Webex deployment, your company data is more secure than ever.

All communication is fully encrypted end-to-end, meaning that you can rest easy knowing your data will always stay safe.

This cutting-edge technology allows employees to use personal devices to communicate without becoming a security risk for your enterprise.


Productive Meetings

Your employees can plan, host and join meetings from almost any device, without missing out on any Webex features. Share and view files, video, and audio wherever they are.

As well as computers or laptops, the Webex Calling app works on iOS devices, Android and even in some cars. This allows your team to work on their terms and remain truly flexible.

This flexibility allows your team to work the way they want to work which translates to good staff morale and higher productivity.



Webex is designed from the ground up with accessibility in mind. It is accessible and inclusive for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Accessibility features include:

  • Keyboard Accessibility
  • Screen Reader Support
  • Closed Captioning
  • Options for high contrast fonts and icons
  • Automatic Transcripts
  • Custom Layouts
  • Gestures
  • Real-time translation


All these will allow more people to feel at home using Webex. People who may be hard of hearing or struggle reading from a computer screen will find it easy to use these tools, designed to make their lives easier.

The custom layouts and HD video also make it easy to include interpreters, including sign language, to further remove barriers.

Make Webex and UC Lifecycle Management 80% Easier with Tuki

While Webex makes the lives of your employees easier, it may be putting an unnecessary burden on your IT team. Managing the daily UC tasks for large organizations is slow and time-consuming. That’s because the setup and interface IT uses to solve issues or apply changes and updates is complex and requires very specific and expensive IT knowledge.

Tuki reduces UC admin time by 80%, increasing efficiency and removing the chance of human errors while removing the reliance on IT. It provides your business with a single point of integration of your communication and collaboration tools.

With Webex’s self-customization features and Tuki’s simple-to-use interface, your IT team will be able to be more hands-off and focus on propelling your business further. 

Once set up, employees can conduct simple changes on their own quickly without involving the support team. Automate, simplify and streamline your UC provisioning with Tuki.

If this sounds like a dream come true for your business, get in touch with us.

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