Unified Communications Requirements: 4 Business Requirements for UCaaS

Unified Communications Requirements: 4 Business Requirements for UCaaS

No two businesses are the same – each business is unique, with its own expertise, tools, and requirements. Nowhere is this more true than in Unified Communications systems.

Every business has its chosen suite of tools that need to continue working when moving over to UC, without any disruption to the business. You want to ensure business continuity while unlocking a new suite of tools to supercharge and optimize your business communication and collaboration efforts.

Let’s break these requirements down into 4 different categories—Business, Functional, Security, and Platform. Read on to find out how automated UC can meet your business needs.



Every company will have different Unified Communications business requirements. Many have developed unique tools and APIs and will need Unified Communication platforms that can interact with these. Others require a standard, off-the-shelf style package without any custom tools or integration with niche software – just the standard tools that improve communication, and collaboration, and empower your staff.


UCaaS (unified communication as a service) means that your exact business needs can be met, however complex. UC experts will tailor the services and tools for you, and manage the integration of new systems and processes, making it a pain-free experience for you and your team without waiting on or needing the IT team. UCaaS also takes care of migration and ongoing daily UC management.


All these systems and tools are flexible, and designed to be scalable, as your business grows, so can your Unified Communication system. Your UCaaS provider will get to know your business and have the expertise to make suggestions for new systems, programs, or apps that can take your business to the next level. You’ll wonder how your business did so well before!



There is a vast suite of IT and communication tools available to businesses that all fulfill vital functions. Some aid communication, others help with collaboration, and some will automate processes and improve efficiency.


All these Unified Communications functional requirements will be met using an expert UCaaS provider. They are experts in providing the right tools for your business and making it work for your employees. If you have a bring your own device (BYOD) policy or other specific hardware requirements, the cloud-based UCaaS system will work together without any issues. You rely on experts within your business every day – now rely on experts to make sure your UC is the absolute best it can be.



We’re living in the age of big data. Keeping this data safe and secure is a vital task for all businesses, for both regulatory and strategic reasons. UCaaS provides the ultimate peace of mind for security, as everything is completely end-to-end encrypted, meaning that even if your data is somehow intercepted, it will be impossible for anyone to access the information.


Security in the work-from-home age is more important and more challenging than ever, but with an expert provider, you can rest easy knowing your Unified Communications security requirements would be met without putting up unnecessary barriers for your employees. 



Nowhere is individualization more important than with platform requirements. Your business may need employees to be able to access very specific tools or may require access on particular devices or at specific locations. An expert UC provider will have the knowledge and expertise to meet every requirement and make sure your team has the tools they need, wherever they need them.


Communication apps and programs allow worldwide, secure access on a myriad of devices. Platforms like Webex or Zoom Phone make communication across the globe easier than ever, with more tools available so that being out of the office is the same as being there. Staff will be happier with this new freedom while leaders can easily manage and monitor everyone at the firm. It seems too good to be true.


UC Management and Migration Made Easy

After showing the different benefits, UC offers large organizations, you may be thinking, “migration sounds complex, and it most definitely means downtime.”


Nothing could be further from the truth. Thankfully, some UCaaS providers do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. 


Our team at Tuki are a world leader in providing Unified Communication and have vast amounts of experience with many international enterprises. Check out this hassle-free migration of 69K employees with 0 downtime and 80% in cost savings after the fact. 


It sounds like a dream come true, get in touch today and talk to one of our experts about how we can take your business to the next level with a fully customized UC management offering.

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