Take Your Business To The Next Level With Digital Workplace Management

Take Your Business To The Next Level With Digital Workplace Management

The world of work is evolving at a pace not seen since the first introduction of the computer. We’re moving away from a workplace being a cubicle or an office. People expect to be working in flexible hybrid models from different locations. 

For this to be sustainable, it must be a seamless experience.


Office, What Office?

This new digital, mobile workplace is a fantastic opportunity for innovation and progress, allowing your business to gain a competitive advantage with reduced costs and increased productivity. All the while retaining your highly skilled staff with the offer of extra flexibility.

What Do You Mean by Digital Workplace?

In simple terms, a digital workplace is the virtual equivalent of the office.  A good digital workplace framework gives your employees the tools they need to work as a team regardless of location. 

This online workplace solution needs to be carefully designed and managed to maximize employee productivity by providing them with a comfortable space where they have access to all the necessary tools to do their job well.

The digital workspace framework design should be similar to how you’d design a physical workplace: Make it easy for employees to use and manage.

The employee experience is a vital part of attracting and retaining staff. Employees need easy access to frequently used tools, and these need to interact with each other easily. You want to remove any barriers to ensure your employees are happy, successful, and motivated. UC can empower employees with easy-to-manage customizations, among other benefits

Access to tools like the Webex Calling App means high-quality communication and collaboration for your employees, with easy access to their team and resources anywhere on the planet.

There are few things more frustrating than being let down by technology. All of us have been in a situation where we need to do something, and the technology couldn’t rise to the occasion. One of the key goals of your IT management should be ensuring these things never happen.

The Future of Work

If you were asked to picture a workplace, you would probably envision a typical office building. People sat at computers in a cubicle or meeting rooms. This is the vision of a workplace that innovative and competitive companies are moving away from.

The workplace of the future is potentially anywhere with internet access. It could be a traditional office, home, coffee shop, or coworking space. As long as your employees have access to the tools they need, with easy access to seamless communication and collaboration tools with their colleagues and clients, they can be most productive while being flexible.

There are many advantages of having an outstanding digital workplace. These include:

  • Improved Communication – instantaneous communication and collaboration tools maximize creativity and drive your business forward.
  • Work flexibility – Staff members work exactly how they choose. Work simultaneously and bounce ideas off each other or collaborate on the same projects at different times to suit them and their schedule. Staff is empowered by choice of how and where they work.
  • Analysis – with all your systems working together, it is easy for management to analyze and monitor progress and efficiency.
  • Task and time management – your employees will all be in tune with each other, sharing schedules and planning their time to maximize productivity.

Flexibility can come at a cost. These systems require ongoing management and care. Thankfully there are digital workplace vendors who offer ongoing management and automation services. So your business can use this amazing technology without the headaches that come with complex systems.

With the biggest companies in the world, and Microsoft among them, seeing the advantages of the digital workplace, you don’t want to be left behind.

What are digital workplace vendors?

Digital workplace management is made easy by vendors who provide Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). They offer a service to manage your Unified Communications platform. They are experts at integrating Unified Communications into your existing IT systems and slashing the IT workload and costs associated with the complex digital workspaces.

They help your business provide your staff with the tools needed in the digital workplace while taking care of the migration and ongoing management of the system. They provide the necessary infrastructure for cloud unified communications, making it possible for your staff to work where they choose with the reliability and tools they need to work at their best.

Staff working outside of the office could also lead to potential security issues. Use a cloud UC platform with end-to-end encryption and feel safe in the knowledge that all your vital business data is kept secure.

How to Manage Your Digital Workplace with Ease 

Tuki provides a service that’ll help you manage your digital workplace with 80% less time, money, and effort. 

Not only does Tuki help companies migrate to the cloud, but it also does it with zero downtime. It took us 3 weeks to migrate 69K employees from all over the world, we can do the same for you. 

Your employees need easy-to-use Unified Communication tools, and your IT team should be unburdened to keep your digital workplace efficient while promoting technological advancement.

Tuki provides the cloud platform to build your IT services and make UC management a cinch. Your IT team won’t believe how easy digital workplace management is with Tuki automating many repetitive, routine tasks while empowering employees with its simple-to-use interface.

Tuki has the products and expertise to provide your business with what it needs to flourish. Get your digital workplace running like a Swiss train with Tuki.


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