Webex Go – What is it and How Will It Change Your Business

Webex Go - What is it and How Will It Change Your Business

Webex Go is the latest innovation from Webex. It solves the perpetual problem of separating your work and personal life.

Webex Go is a communications solution that uses existing mobile devices to allow you to do all your business communication, including normal calls, over the cellular network. It uses groundbreaking eSIM technology to allow you to make your calls through your business profile without having to use any apps or other programs.

You can still use the Webex calling app and all its features, but this newest addition gives your employees more freedom and control. Why is that a good thing? Find out below.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

People don’t like change, but they like to feel in control. BYOD is a perfect way to enable both as it has many benefits for employees and employers. These include:

  • Cost – If employees use their own devices, it reduces business costs
  • Familiarity – Employees feel more comfortable using their own devices rather than having to learn to operate an entirely new device. Imagine giving an iPhone to an Android user. The horror!
  • Portability – Your employees won’t have to carry 2 devices. Plus, its easier to keep one device charged


More and more businesses are integrating BYOD, growing on average at 16.7% per year. This is particularly important for businesses following a hybrid model or where workers are away from the office often.

The best part about Webex is it supports many platforms, including laptops, tablets, phones, and even some cars!


Call Quality

One of the issues that can crop up with data-based call services is a drop in quality. Everyone has been in a call where you can’t hear the other person, making communication more difficult than it should be.

Webex Go solves this issue by using the same cellular network as normal phone calls. All US carriers consider voice calls a priority over data and other communication, ensuring all calls are high quality and secure.

Other Webex Go Benefits

There are more benefits to using this as part of your Webex UC. These include:


Webex Go protects your personal data, including your phone number, once installed on your device. So you can take calls on your personal device without sharing your private number.

Single Number

Use one phone number for your office phone, personal device, and more. No more never-ending phone tag as colleagues and clients try different phone numbers to get in touch with you. Just give them your one work phone number. Webex will do the rest.

Enterprise-Grade Features

Use the features you would expect with a high-quality phone system for large businesses. These include extension dialing, business voicemail, call recording, and more. Many of the features available on Webex meetings can also be used on Webex Go.

Compliance and Monitoring For Your IT Team

Your IT team can monitor, support, and ensure compliance through the normal Webex management system. All call logs and recordings can be kept as per your IT team’s needs.

Your UC management and provisioning will work flawlessly on Webex Go as an extension of  Webex. The Webex Control Hub makes this super straightforward for your IT team to manage.

Prerequisites to Webex Go

There are a few prerequisites for Webex Go:

  • Available to users on Webex Calling in the U.S. region and U.S. locations
  • The organization should have Webex Go licenses (paid or trial)
  • Supported on unlocked, eSIM compatible mobile phones

These should be pretty straightforward for most businesses. Most modern smartphones are eSIM compatible, so this shouldn’t be a problem. Webex Go will be included in packages offered by most UC providers.

Tuki: A Smart Solution to a Big Problem

It may seem like the obvious solution to a common problem, but Webex Go works better than any other system. It allows easy set-up and management, a variety of essential features, and reduces frustration and costs for the people in your business.

Webex Go is only one of the many features Tuki offers as part of their simplified UC lifecycle management, including provisioning, migrating, and integration for enterprise businesses.

Give your company a competitive advantage by empowering your staff and giving customers the best possible experience. Whether you want to optimize your existing UC management or want to switch to this new efficient solution, we do it all. 


Get in touch today to see how Tuki can help your business thrive.

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