4 Benefits of Cisco Flex Plan for Enterprises

4 Benefits of Cisco Flex Plan for Enterprises

Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan is a groundbreaking option for those seeking a powerful UC solution. Cisco Flex licensing offers both cloud-based and on-premises meetings, calling, and messaging capabilities in a single subscription. 

What this means is that all your UC tools and systems come as a package, designed to work seamlessly together, with support on offer if you need it. Let’s break this down and look more closely at these benefits.


1. Access to Incredible Applications

As part of the Cisco Flex Plan, users gain access to the following apps across all compatible devices, whether on or off-premises. Your employees will have all the Cisco Unified Communications tools they could ever want, including Webex

Webex applications breakdown:

  • The Cisco Webex Calling app – make or receive calls using devices from laptops to phones and even cars!
  • Cisco Webex Teams – connect securely and efficiently with your team members. 
  • Cisco Webex Meetings – HD video and audio mean that nothing is lost, it’s as good as being in the room
  • Cisco Contact Center allows your team to manage and organize your customer service operations.
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager – allows your IT team to manage every aspect of UC remotely, registering and managing users with ease.

Once they learn how to use these intuitive and simple apps, your employees will be blown away by the increased productivity, thanks to the new tools they have access to. It’s the next generation of business collaboration and communication and will revolutionize the way your staff works.

2. On or off-premises. Flexible and convenient for your business.

The flexibility to choose between on and off-premises is one of the key reasons to consider a Cisco Flex Plan.

Flexibility is crucial for a small business rapidly growing with ever-changing needs. You might not already have an IT infrastructure, and you might not know exactly what you’ll need in the future. If flexibility is what you need, a cloud-based, off-premises solution will be right for your business. Have the ability to adapt and change to suit your ongoing business needs without investing in expensive hardware.

The Cisco Flex Plan is also a great solution for businesses with fixed offices and hardware already in place. No need to worry about compatibility, because the Cisco systems can be seamlessly integrated into existing hardware systems without any problems.

Either way, you will always have the flexibility to change switch options or incorporate both. It’s entirely up to you and your business needs.

Another massive advantage of the Cisco Flex Plan model is that it frees up valuable bandwidth, allowing your systems to work faster and more efficiently. No more hardware bottlenecks, by using the cloud, you free up your on-premises resources and reduce hardware costs and maintenance.


3. Your Choice of Subscription Models

As with everything else in UC, a one size fits all model simply won’t cut it. Every business is unique, and that’s the reason for the different subscription options.

You might consider a pay-as-you-grow model, where, as your business becomes more successful and scales up, so will your Cisco systems. You choose exactly what you need and how many users there will be, and Cisco does the rest.

Alternatively, there is the enterprise agreement option, for enterprises with over 250 users with the full range of software and hardware solutions available to you.


4. Low Up-front costs

The Cisco Flex Plan can slash the up-front costs for your business. We all know that capital spent on IT is a great investment, but it doesn’t need to be a huge, one-off cost. By subscribing to Cisco Flex Plan you can spread and reduce the IT costs for your business right away, meaning the latest technology and innovation without the huge price tag.

As a subscription service, you know you’ll get all the support and customer service you could ever need. You have the flexibility to switch between different options as your business needs develop. This also means that it is classed as an operational rather than a capital expense, with the choice to alter and adapt your subscription as you need.


5. Manage Your Cisco Flex Plan on Auto-Pilot

Change can be daunting, but with experts to guide you through every step of the process, it needn’t be scary. By leveraging the Cisco Flex Plan, businesses have way more flexibility and can adapt to change quickly and efficiently.


Tuki have a phenomenal track record in managing UC solutions for huge enterprises. They have transformed multinational businesses with over 69K employees with no downtime while lowering management costs by up to 80%, and we have a team of experts who know UC inside out, so they can find the ideal, custom solutions businesses need.


Get in touch with Tuki today to bring your business collaboration to the next level.

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