UCMC (Unified Communications Manager Cloud)

What is UCMC (Unified Communications Manager Cloud)?

UCMC (Unified Communications Manager Cloud), provides a cloud-based comprehensive unified communications solution geared for enterprise companies to streamline their communication and collaboration processes.

UCMC, built on Cisco’s Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) platform,  integrates into one platform various communication channels such as voice, video, messaging, and conference capabilities.

Provides employees with one platform to collaborate and communicate effectively across multiple channels and devices. This creates the same seamless experience for every employee regardless of their location or preferred devices.

By using a private cloud infrastructure that is built on Cisco worldwide servers, UCMC provides scalability, flexibility, and simplified management of communication services. This allows companies to easily scale their work-from-home policies, communication, and efficiency – while safeguarding their data’s security and privacy.

Benefits of UCMC Include:

  • Cloud-Based Nature – By leveraging the cloud, UCMC eliminates the need for on-premises hardware and infrastructure, resulting in reduced upfront costs and ongoing maintenance efforts. The scalability and elasticity of the cloud enable organizations to easily adapt to changing business needs and scale their UC services accordingly, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – It enables employees to communicate and collaborate seamlessly across various channels and devices, fostering productivity and teamwork.
  • Cost Efficiency – With UCMC Cloud, organizations can reduce the need for on-premises infrastructure, maintenance, and hardware costs, as the communication services are delivered from the cloud. Additional costs are cut by automating repetitive costs for your IT team, freeing up their time to focus on more important projects.
  • Scalability –  The cloud-based nature allows organizations to easily scale their communication resources based on their needs, accommodating growing or fluctuating user demands.
  • Business Continuity – UCMC Cloud offers built-in redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities, ensuring uninterrupted communication even in the event of a localized system failure.
  • Easy Integrations – Almost any software or device you use can be integrated into your unified UC management solution, allowing you to streamline everything into one unified platform.

Why is UCMC Important?

By adopting UCMC, organizations can unlock the full potential of their unified communications infrastructure. It offers a cloud-native approach to UC management, delivering scalability, mobility, and security while providing opportunities for cost savings and enhanced productivity (such as automatic user provisioning).

Cisco offers flexible plans and services that help companies better plan their cloud migration strategies.

It is important that enterprise companies consider their UCMC strategy before starting the implementation process, to ensure productivity and efficiency are maximized without incurring hidden, additional costs.

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