How Automated Provisioning Can Improve Contact Center Efficiency?

How Automated Provisioning Can Improve Contact Center Efficiency?

The ability to offer a great customer experience is an essential part of growing your business. We’ve all dealt with the agony of being on hold or waiting to get through to speak to someone at a call center. If you are managing a contact center, you know It is just as frustrating being on the other side, with a barrage of calls coming in and not enough staffing to keep wait times down. More customers are what most businesses want, but it can lead to a squeeze on your resources, particularly in the short term which is where automated provisioning can come in handy and save the day. Let’s see how.

Efficiency and Flexibility are Key

Every business has busier and quieter times, but nowhere is this more extreme than in a contact center. Training staff on complex, possibly legacy, computer systems can take time and cannot be rushed without the customer experience taking a hit. You want your staff to be answering calls or emails as soon as is physically possible all in an effort to provide the best experience to every caller.

Automated provisioning makes this super easy and straightforward. One of the main benefits of automated provisioning is new staff can get set up quickly and have the power to customize their system without having to wait for IT, improving efficiency and motivation and reducing employee and customer frustration.


New Starters

A UK study showed that call centers have an extremely high turnover rate of 26%, compared to a national average across all businesses of 15%. This high level of turnover means a constant need for faster and smoother onboarding and offboarding processes, as each new employee needs to be set up on many different systems to be able to perform their job well. Every hour employees have to wait for access to basic tools is a double loss for the company.

This process can be lightning-fast with cloud provisioning automation. Rather than manually setting up new employees on each system, state-of-the-art UC management software requires employee info will be entered once, and that’s it. Convert time-consuming, boring, and error-prone 30 minutes tasks per new hire to 30 seconds with automated provisioning.

Contact Center Staff in Complete Control

If you speak to anyone who has worked in a contact center, they will agree that everyone has their way of doing things. Everyone is working efficiently and will do their tasks in the way they’ve found suits them. That’s what we like to call customization and personalization. Time and accuracy are paramount, so people need the power to set up the system to work for them.

With UC provisioning, your contact center staff can easily make changes without involving IT. With unified communication employees can customize their systems and make it work for them, improving speed, accuracy, and communication without creating countless IT tickets.

Using UC to improve communications means no more overflowing inboxes. Instead, it grants access to 21st-century tools such as live chat, HD Video, and calendar sharing to improve communication and collaboration in your business and when dealing with clients. Become a well-oiled collaborative contact center and work together to provide the best customer experience.

Staff Morale

All businesses want to keep their staff happy. Happy staff are more productive, harder working, and more likely to stay. Reduce micromanagement and empower your staff by giving them an easy-to-use portal that’ll help them manage their communication and collaboration tools with ease.

An empowered employee has quick, easy access to change, customize and personalize their tools on the spot, reducing frustration and promoting overall employee happiness. This leads to lower turnover rates and therefore, costs. It’s been shown that improved staff morale leads to better outcomes, and customer satisfaction starts with employee satisfaction. One will forever feed the other.

Going International

As your enterprise continues to expand, so will your opportunities. As your company enters new countries your need to hire and manage employees around the globe grows with it. Finding ways to automate onboarding makes your tools work for you 24/7.

Being available 24/7 can be difficult for your IT department, but cloud-based automated provisioning will remove the headaches. Staff can communicate, collaborate and share information from across the globe with unprecedented speed and ease.

Without top-of-the-line UC management this could lead to a workload that gets out of hand. But UC management software, with simple but effective management tools, makes all of this possible without your IT team even breaking a sweat.

UC Provisioning Made Easy with Tuki

Now you know how automated UC provisioning could revolutionize your call center, you must be thinking that this will cost a fortune. Using a UCaaS provider will save money in the long run and frees up your IT team for more important things than changing extensions and resetting passwords.

Loyalty is bought with actions, not words. You could finally offer your employees and customers the tools to deliver the ultimate experience with Tuki.

Tuki is a world leader in automated lifecycle UCaaS management, giving leaders what they need to take advantage of the latest in Unified Communications and collaboration technology without the hassle or downtime. 


Cloud-based UC offers workers and managers anywhere in the world a way to make UC management a breeze.

If you have a contact center and want to take it to the next level, get in touch with Tuki today.

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