Discover The Main Benefits of Automated Provisioning

Discover The Main Benefits of Automated Provisioning

UC Collaboration tools are a crucial part of modern business, giving employees the tools to collaborate and communicate effectively regardless of location. The programs that power all this increased efficiency and creativity can also lead to unnecessary headaches for your IT team.

However, the number of programs employees need to use can increase the IT workload. Luckily some of these IT tasks can now be fully automated, saving businesses time and money. 


How Can Automation Help?

There are many ways that automation can help, starting with unburdening your IT team with simple requests that can be automated, like provisioning. Automated provisioning tools help companies reduce costs, speed up processes, and empower employees on their first day and beyond.


Reducing IT Team Workload

Time is a precious resource, particularly for businesses that rely on their IT team for progress and innovation, so anything that can free it up is invaluable. While collaboration and communication tools are essential, managing them is one of the more time-consuming tasks that befall IT. 

The progress in the UC ecosystem delivers more innovative tools that help optimize the time of IT professionals. This is possible thanks to automating simple, mundane, and vital tasks like provisioning

One task that often frustrates IT engineers is setting up or updating users or devices across different programs and systems. Rather than manually re-entering employee information for every program you use, automated provisioning tools allow you to input data once, then automation does the rest, setting up the new profile on all your systems. 

A task that used to take at least 30 tedious and typo-prone minutes now takes 30 seconds.

The main benefit of automated UC provisioning is that it reduces repetitive tasks, allowing your IT team to be more creative and proactive. 

Every employee requires at least a couple of system changes per year. This could be moving departments, changing their details, or deleting users or devices. When your enterprise has hundreds or thousands of employees, any task you can automate saves many resources and work hours. 

With automation, you can empower employees to be problem solvers and free thinkers while freeing up your IT from the equivalent of basic data entry.


Empowering Individuals

When UC is an integral part of your employee’s daily work routine, they are at their most productive and collaborative. They will want to make changes to their system to make it suit them and to keep everything up-to-date.

In the past, updates like this would have been a task for the IT team. The employee would have opened a ticket, and the IT team would manually prioritize it, adding it to a queue of other tasks they need to complete. 

It would eventually be done when IT had time, leading to a lot of frustration for the employee and wasted resources for the company. Anybody who has worked for a corporation or enterprise knows how frustrating this process can be.

Now, thanks to AI automation, the employee or administrators have the power to make most changes themselves on their self-service portals. They can update personal details, reset passwords, and set up call forwarding or voicemails themselves, all without involving IT.

Not having the tools to complete their work is one of the main frustrations for workers. When you allow employees to make changes themselves, you empower them and help them be happier staff and increase profitability for your business while reducing staff turnover.


Removing Repetitive Tasks and Human Error

The average employee spends 520 hours a year on repetitive tasks, costing an estimated $1.8 trillion per year in the US alone. While doing repetitive tasks, employees are more likely to make mistakes. By automating processes in your UC provisioning using AI, you can save time and eliminate errors.

Rather than inputting the same information into many different systems, you enter it once and let technology do the rest. Automation improves motivation and well-being, as staff members are doing less of the repetitive, tedious work and more work they were hired to do in the first place.


Fast Implementation

Automation makes everything faster. Add employees to your network, set up their phones and devices, and allocate them to teams without breaking a sweat. Thanks to automation, an easy-to-use interface, and only a small amount of training, you can delegate onboarding and offboarding to your HR team.

Employees can change their systems using automated processes without IT approval or input. UC management tasks can be done quickly and easily by other employees, allowing them to feel in control without causing potential IT issues.

Because the systems are cloud-based, all this can be done remotely on many devices.


Automate Your UC Life Cycle & Provisioning with Tuki

Make your UC and provisioning life cycle run smoothly. Let HR onboard new team members from anywhere in the world and make new employees feel part of the team right away by giving them all the access they need on the spot. 

Tuki helps automate simple repetitive processes like onboarding and setting up employee preferences while eliminating potential security risks and maintaining data integrity.

Whether your business uses a hybrid model or fully remote, managing your UC lifecycle on the cloud boosts security and enables immediate changes and access from anywhere. Talk about agility.


Tuki makes UC automation as easy as pie. Our experts at Tuki work with you to plan, migrate, and manage your UC automation. We helped one giant global company migrate 69K employees to the cloud with zero downtime

Get in touch today to take your first step to more straightforward, faster, and more efficient UC management.



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