Avaya End of Life: Simplify Your Upgrade With Tuki

Avaya End of Life

Life After Avaya – What Happens Next?

Avaya the contact center vendor has recently announced an end-of-life (EOL) for a number of their on-premise call and contact center systems. With thousands of paying customers on systems that are now sunsetting, this is a clear sign the Contact Center industry is moving to the cloud and in doing so experiencing giant leaps in innovation, AI & ML, automation, and customer experience.

What can you do to keep your Avaya systems running past the End of Sale? Upgrading to the newest Avaya software release would reset the Product Lifecycle. However, many Avaya customers find the significant cost unmatched by the benefit of some feature enhancements.

Fortunately, users who would prefer to not upgrade can choose between Avaya’s Extended Support, transitioning to the cloud, and Third-Party Maintenance.

There has never been a better opportunity to consider moving to state-of-the-art network infrastructure with simple scalability and easy-to-manage systems. Out with the legacy systems, built on a labyrinth of wires, and in with high-tech, cloud-based UC enterprise solutions.

Think revolution, not evolution. Imagine the possibilities. You need a complete and holistic Unified Communications provisioning system for your business. So how can you survive the Avaya end of life without it affecting your business continuity? Glad you asked because we have surprisingly simple answers.

Contact centers On-premise or Cloud

Predictions by research group MarketsandMarkets see the growth in the cloud contact center industry to rise from $17.1 billion in 2022 to over $54 billion in 2027. This includes budgets that were spent on legacy on-premise systems that are now moving to the cloud and a whole new segment of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

For SMEs, cloud contact center technology opens up vast new opportunities. For those who couldn’t afford an on-premise contact center setup before, they can now afford to have support agents anywhere in the world coupled with highly-efficient AI chatbots and Omnichannel support. This is all thanks to a cloud technology like Local Measure’s Engage.

with modern systems, particularly the automation of key processes, which often took a lot of time while being extremely error-prone.

Take this as an opportunity to upgrade the employee and customer experience with one change you’re bound to make anyway. It’s a great opportunity to use an elastic solution that can grow with your business, as Avaya is designed with smaller businesses in mind. It’s time for more automated tasks and new features that would make your business stand out.

Tuki: Avaya Replacement

The biggest problem with Avaya’s end-of-life is transitioning employees and IT to a new UCaaS solution, but it doesn’t have to be with the right experts by your side. Here’s one story about a painless transition of 69K global employees.

Tuki offers the full suite of tools your business needs to make the move alongside outstanding customer service and world experts in enterprise network solutions.

Tuki helped thousands of businesses, big and small migrate to Webex calling. With Tuki’s extensive experience, you can rest easy knowing potential problems are negated before they occur.

With integrated UC systems, it’ll be smooth sailing whether your customers contact you via live webchat, phone, or email. Because Tuki and Cisco offer a complete system, customers will be delighted with great communication and quick turnaround times.

If you’re considering the move over from Avaya UC to Webex, Tuki is, without a doubt, the best partner for your business upgrade. Make the process smooth, maintaining data integrity and with zero downtime. Get in touch today and see what we offer.

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