The Cisco Webex Partner Program and How it Will Supercharge your Business

The Cisco Webex Partner Program and How it Will Supercharge your Business

The Cisco Webex Partner program is an absolute game-changer for Cisco UC providers. It is a brand new and innovative delivery model for Cisco systems, empowering Cisco Webex communications partners. No more frustrations as partners can manage and deliver products and licenses to small and medium businesses (SMBs) without having to communicate and negotiate with Cisco whenever a small business changed its requirements.


Now, partners can purchase licenses from Cisco directly and negotiate the service they provide with their client SMBs. Let’s take a look at the benefits this new opportunity offers for Cisco Webex partners. 


Flexibility and Scalability


Cisco has listened, making it more simple to manage licenses as business needs evolve and change. One of the common pain points was that every time a growing business needed new licenses, partners had to renegotiate with Cisco based on the business requirements. Well, no more of that with a new and improved partnership system directly from Cisco.


By empowering partners, Cisco allows greater flexibility for both partners and customers. Partners are completely in control of their licenses and able to bulk-buy and distribute as they need. Every time a business needs new licenses, partners allocate some from their pool. Problem solved.


No more negotiating backward and forwards with Cisco. You and your client can directly negotiate and build up the trust essential for all business relationships. You can rely on a frictionless, flexible, and scalable solution for every client.


Innovation and Personalization

Another key change is the level of innovation and personalization the Cisco Webex Administration tool provides. You can make a customized and personalized offer – co-brand the product and make it your own. Your clients will see the difference and partners can stand out among the crowd.


Customization is the name of the game. Improve the user experience, focus on the tools each business needs and make the product the right fit for the customer. Put simply, improving sales benefit everyone. They have let their partners off the leash, empowering them to make a customizable product in terms of scale and delivery. All this is backed up by the outstanding Cisco customer service you are accustomed to.


Key Roles in the Cisco Partner Program

The roles within the Cisco Partner Program have also been streamlined and simplified, making it easier than ever to find and attract the right talent to help your business boom.


  • Integrator – Cisco recognizes the vital role that the integrators continue to play in developing and implementing Cisco systems. Integrators focus on designing solutions to drive business outcomes.
  • Provider – Cloud and managed service providers offer flexible consumption models for solutions and technologies
  • Developers build and design unique solutions and applications on Cisco platforms, focusing on delivering customer-specific business outcomes.
  • Advisors provide expert market and business consulting services.


Each role is broken down into 3 tiers; Select, Premier, and Gold. These simplified roles make finding the right help for your Cisco systems a piece of cake. Rather than the 12 or more different roles that Cisco partners used to have, you can narrow your search for new talent and new partners right away.


The Same Outstanding Product You Expect from Cisco

Although the delivery method may be changing, the outstanding Cisco products and customer service will remain at the high standard you have grown to expect. Cisco Webex communication is still the world leader in business communication, allowing your team to work smarter with more flexibility than ever before.


With the improved communication and collaboration systems, everyone will simply be getting more done. Collaboration tools and cloud-based solutions mean that teams can be tackling projects together even if they aren’t in the office, or even in the same country. 


Webex integrates into your existing hardware and software, with tools like the Cisco Webex extension for Microsoft Edge becoming an integral part of the day-to-day workflow for all of your team members.


By tearing down barriers, Cisco Webex creates better outcomes for your business and happier staff, because we all know there is nothing more frustrating than technical barriers getting in the way of doing what you do best.

Choosing the Right Partner for Cisco Webex

In every partnership, you need to know that your partner has your back and wants the same things you do. Teamwork is vital, as is being flexible and adaptable to different situations.


Forming a new partnership can be scary, but enterprises employing thousands of employees around the world took the plunge and have grown to trust Tuki’s expertise and experience with everything UC. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Tuki is all about delivering tailored solutions that meet every need of our clients and partners. Let’s talk about your UC needs today.

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