Everything You Need To Know About a UC System Integrator

Everything You Need To Know About a UC System Integrator

Moving over to a Unified Communications Platform can be complex. There are so many different systems to integrate and so many users to onboard to the new way of doing things. You’ll need to gather various specialists within your organization while you plan this endeavor, and you’ll definitely need help from external professionals before things get up and running.

This is where a UC System Integrator (or SI) might come in handy. This is a service provided by specialists with plenty of experience migrating away from a traditional on-premises system to the latest in Unified Communication systems. But it’s important for those that want to use a UC System Integrator to understand the process, best practices, and more. Let’s get to it!

So What Does a System Integrator Do?

Unified Communications Integrators are specialists in transitioning to a UC system. No matter what communication and collaboration tools your employees use, Unified Communications are bound to make things run smoother, faster, and easier. But getting there can be challenging.

Rather than your IT team having to solve problems that pop up, and they will pop up, the UC System Integrator is there to use help you plan and execute the transition with the bare minimum of headaches and obstacles. These professionals are trained to assess and solve issues before and as they arise.

Unified Communications Integrators should be involved from the start of the transition as your business moves over to the new system. Our experts perfected the complexity of migration, with tons of exclusive features. They’ll work with your team to create a bespoke plan for transitioning while ensuring your business needs are met. They’ve seen it all before, so they can point out potential issues and suggest solutions during the planning stage.

The Integrator’s job requires in-depth involvement every step of the way to ensure your business benefits from this newfound connectivity. This includes Unified Communications API integration, slotting your existing business tools right into your new UC framework.


Besides, you don’t want your IT team to apply short-term fixes to bugs they face for the first time, potentially causing even more issues in a highly complicated and tedious process. Plus, they’re probably pretty busy anyway.

What Kind of Problems UC System Integrators Solve?

The number of communication and collaboration apps available to enterprise-sized organizations is off the charts. To boost efficiency and simplify the daily task of front-line employees requires the integration of a high number of software and hardware solutions.

Many problems may come up when you integrate non-native solutions. An experienced Systems Integrator will get ahead of those problems before they hinder your operations. Connecting systems like Webex, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom Call to an enterprise-sized business requires a lot of meticulous planning and know-how.

The Systems Integrator will ensure your voice systems, video calls, Sharepoint, and other systems are connected and functioning at the highest level. Part of their responsibility is ensuring your equipment is up to the task, making whatever updates are necessary, and getting the background systems in place before transitioning.

Receiving support from professional UC System Integrators means no downtime for your business. All of your systems will be running uninterrupted. Using an expert to analyze and plan systems integration in advance reduces the risk of anything going wrong, costing you thousands, if not millions, in lost revenue.


UC System Integrators ensure any legacy systems APIs are integrated smoothly with the new system – moving your business to the latest UC technology flawlessly.


Training and Advice

The other advantage of taking on an expert like this is information and skill sharing. Team members from many departments will be involved in the process, from the planning stage to implementation and beyond. While working with the SI, they’ll pick up best practices and learn new skills and new processes from a leading expert.


Part of the planning stage involves communication with people from across the business. People will grow to know, trust and feel much more comfortable approaching them in the future if they have any great ideas that could optimize how to do things in your business.


Why Your UC System Integrator Should be Tuki

Put your faith, and the future of your business, in the hands of UC experts that deliver. Tuki has managed countless integration and migration processes for customers with zero downtime.

It’s easy to do when you’re a world leader in UC management, provisioning, and transitioning global enterprises with employees across the globe to advanced, cloud-based UC capabilities.


Tuki designed processes that save valuable time and money by simplifying UC lifecycle management, and automating many repetitive and boring tasks that your IT team despises.


Get in touch today and begin your journey with one of our expert System Integrators.

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